This Privacy Policy for Sell Car For Cash Indiana is designed to inform you about our data collection, use, and protection while you work within our site, services, or products.

Why Does Sell Car For Cash Indiana Collect Your Data?

You love the personalized experience Sell Car For Cash Indiana is able to deliver through products and services, and our data collection is what makes much of that possible.

Sell Car For Cash Indiana may ask you for a variety of information and track some parts of your visit such as your browser, cookies or your IP address, in order to deliver a better experience.

Data we collect through forms and other means is used to better understand who you are and ensure that we keep up with industry best practices as well as legal requirements. Sometimes where you live will determine things like sales tax, notifications, and privacy protections.

Sell Car For Cash Indiana may ask for email addresses or social media information in order to learn which of our followers are active members and which may be inactive or automated bots. We reward real visitors and use your data to improve services.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

Sell Car For Cash Indiana wants to let you know that we take many steps to keep your information secure. This includes using secure servers and transmission protections when your data is moved as well as strict policies for any employee or service access.

Your information is only shared when you say it is okay; and your information is never sold.

Our partners may receive some of your data in order to give you options for great sales, but that information is limited and strictly controlled. We cannot always control what a partner does with the information we provide, but we vet and review partner policies in order to make sure everything is enjoyable.

You Can Control Access

Sell Car For Cash Indiana’s commitment to protecting your information is making sure you’re in control every step of the way. You always have the chance to say “No” and can update that preference at any time.

When you fill out forms or link your social accounts, we always ask if it’s okay to share your information with our partners. We only share if you give us a “Yes” when you submit your information.

If you’ve said “Yes” in the past but no longer wish to provide this information, please contact us. Sell Car For Cash Indiana will help you opt-out.

Things Change, Including This Policy

From time to time Sell Car For Cash Indiana will need to update this policy to reflect company and technology changes.

We reserve the right to change it at any time, without notifying you.

However, we’ll try to make sure you see changes by posting notices to our home page or blog, using overlays, or contacting you through other methods. Please check this page regularly to ensure that you still agree to our Privacy Policy.